Larisplast Ltd. was founded in 2001 by Eng. Larisa Leizerovich, MSc. building materials.


Larisplast specializes in the field of concrete admixtures.The company develops, produces, market & distributes high quality products & materials for the Israel concrete industry according to the Israeli‘s standards.


Larisplast is a nationwide operation company. The company endorse its products to the Israel leading companies and currently develops international deployment and distribution.


Larisplast puts emphasize on professional and personal consulting, Technical Support, Credibility and an open reliable relationship.


Larisplast’s products under go strict control and quality inspection.


The company is certified according to the ISO9001:2000 standards.


Larisplast is a sister company to A.Z. Marketing Inc., which specializes in the production and marketing of building materials, sealing materials, ceramic adhesive, buildings reconstruction materials, etc.



The factory


The factory is equipped with Modern and Sophisticated Technology,whice enables  a high volume of quality production. Research and Development


Larisplast have Research and Devlopment department, that concentrates on development of substances  as per the requirement and demands of the market and customers.The R&D department is working in accordance with the stringent standards of the Israel Standards Institute.


Quality Control


The company’s quality control department undergo strict inspection with each of the production activities.